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Abby Lyall

A startup operator and venture capitalist by trade, Abby Lyall has been building and investing in early stage businesses since 2014. In 2020, while the world was reeling from pandemic lockdowns, Abby developed a deep and unexpected relationship with psilocybe cubensis that helped her heal old wounds and taught her to love and accept herself. 


This winding path led her to two years of grassroots drug policy activism work with Decriminalize Nature New York (now Decrim First), where she co-authored a bill to decriminalize naturally occurring entheogens in New York State. In September 2021, Abby’s involvement in the New York activism scene led her to new friendships with Kat Lakey and Suzy Baker through the Marco Temporal Nao demonstrations Kat organized at the United Nations.

In the summer of 2022, Abby synchronistically became involved in preparations for the inaugural Psychedelic Assembly, where her efforts managing the event’s budget and finances turned it from a loss-making proposition to a profitable endeavor. After the conference’s success led to the launch of the Athenaeum, Abby joined The Psychedelic Assembly as its third Co-Founder and Advisor. Like all startup founders, she wears many hats, but is most proud of her role in bridging the gap between the business world and local, sustainable, community psychedelic initiatives. Abby’s goal through The Psychedelic Assembly is to use the financial and operational experience she gains from her day job to promote the expansion of human consciousness.


Abby is a dedicated yogi and a lifelong musician who channels her artistic expression through the piano and synthesizer. She lives in Lower Manhattan with her partner and their adopted bodega cat, General Tso.

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