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Suzy baker

A life-long student of the universe, Suzy's life tapestry has been interwoven with threads from the spiritual and metaphysical realms. Her relationship with entheogens began with grandmother Ayahuasca in the Peruvian amazon where she spent time on native land with Harakmbut peoples.


As she experienced personal healing from the pain of belonging to an oppressive religious system, she also learned the importance of reciprocity and developed deep respect for the brave carriers of the medicine. Knowledge and skills of these ancient healing technologies were graciously shared with her from the Shipibo tradition and she was invited to live with her ayahuascera for a time. Returning to the U.S, she continued her shamanic studies of these plant allies.


When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, she started facilitating small mushroom retreats in the Utah desert tailored to women healing from religious trauma. Plant medicine has been the most impactful tool in peeling the thick layers of religious conditioning in attempts to expose a more authentic expression of being, it's been an honor for Suzy to share this with individuals seeking similar relief. 


A lifelong student of Tibetan Buddhism and ex-Mormon, Suzy is on a new mission to combine her vast study of spiritual traditions into a modern accessible practice. In addition to these pursuits she's a global entrepreneur, a licensed ayurvedic practitioner, an RYT-500 yoga and meditation teacher. She’s fluent in Portuguese, conversational in Spanish and an expert in vibe checks.


Suzy is a skilled communicator and master connector with BIG vision and big love. Her aim  is to unite globally with aligned organizations and individuals to bring about positive change in an ethical way. If you feel this could be you or someone you know, please reach out.

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