We deeply value the vibrant network of affiliates who play a pivotal role in amplifying our mission and expanding our reach. Our affiliates are integral to our community, embodying the spirit of collaboration and shared growth that underpins everything we do. To discover the myriad ways you can engage with and benefit from our affiliate programs, we invite you to explore the information provided below.

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At the Athenæum

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What is an Athenæum?

Dating back to Ancient Greece-Athenæums are a haven for learning, culture, and discourse named after Athena, the goddess of wisdom. Our psychedelic library, bookstore, & cafe is open from 12pm – 7pm, Monday – Friday and select evenings and weekends for events. Check out our Events page for more details!

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The Blue Building

With our 1000 sq ft location connected to the 6000 sq feet of wonderful weirdness of The Blue Building, we provide a consistent place to forge synchronistic and meaningful connections in the psychedelic space.

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Mind Blowing Programming

We’re curating mind blowing programming every week, working alongside other mission aligned organizations and are providing a year round schedule of events and other opportunities for education and engagement.

A place to find the others... always.

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